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Personalised One-Off Zoom Call - 60 mins

Personalised One-Off Zoom Call - 60 mins

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60 Minute Personalises 1:1 Call

The perfect offer that will enable you to be able to talk about whatever it is that you're unable to talk about with others.
This call is specifically tailored to you and what you are seeking. 'Woo-woo' spiritual thoughts? Perhaps you need to try and make sense of something? Perhaps you need an open mind to bounce ideas off? Maybe you need to unpack something in a safe place? Or maybe you've got business queries and you would like to utilise my experience.
Whatever it is, I've got you! I am here as an ear, a sounding board, ands to support you in whatever way I can.*

60 Min call is currently $55 which is my introductory offer.

Where will we meet?
On Zoom, from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you choose to be).

I am keen! What now?
Pop this bad boy into your cart and checkout. I will fire you an email with my Calendly link once I get to your order. This link will allow you to book in a time with me and provide me with some details of what our call will be about.

What do I bring?
Whatever questions you have, or whatever you would like to talk about. This call is led by you, for you!  


**I am not a therapist or Doctor. Please contact a medical professional if you are seeking medical advice.
***Energy exchange to be paid in full before call commences. No Refunds.