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Black Tourmaline in Silver - Extendable 40-45cm chain

Black Tourmaline in Silver - Extendable 40-45cm chain

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Black Tourmaline
Protection - Security - Stress Relief

3cm x 1cm crystal

Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful crystals for protection and elimination of negative energy. It helps to put an energetic boundary between you and others so you don’t pick up unwanted energies. It's one of the most powerful and effective crystals for anxiety. If you find yourself being swept away by the storm clouds of fear, feel instantly calm and relaxed by holding a Black Tourmaline crystal. It encourages a positive attitude, no matter what the circumstances, and stimulates altruism and practical creativity.

Black Tourmaline is also one of the most powerful minerals for absorbing electromagnetic radiation, which makes it excellent for placing near computers and other electronics.

Black Tourmaline defends against debilitating disease, strengthens the immune system, treats dyslexia and arthritis, provides pain relief, and realigns the spinal column.
Because Black Tourmaline does such an amazing job at keeping our energy safe by absorbing all of the negativity and electromagnetic smog, it's important to cleanse this crystal as often as you can, daily is recommended.